High by Femme (Review)

Review go High by Femme

Femme is still pretty much an undiscovered talent.  We first came across the quirky singer when her last track featured as the background track to a TV ad for fashion retailer boohoo.

Review of High by Femme

Review of High by Femme

So for those that haven’t seen her before Femme is pretty much like her music.  A little quirky, lively but with a little edge.  Her new single, High which is released next week, follows that exact formula.  The music definitely has it roots in pop, but not pop of the cheesy variety, its has decent beats and a nice effect on her voice to bring the backing to life.

The chorus, whilst nor being overloaded with lyrics is really catchy and works with the backing to perfection.  She delivers her radio friendly vocals with a great talent.  High may not be one of the most meaningful tracks around at the moment, but its fun and definitely catchy containing some great pop hooks.  Femme also displays that she has a good voice as well.

No wonder boohoo picked her, she has a great style and a real infectious personality.  Femme could be that best friend you never had.

Take a listen to High and let us know what you think.  We here at Music Eyz towers love it


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