Review of The Queen Extravaganza, Cardiff

The Queen Extravaganza – St Davids Hall Cardiff 8th September 2014

So with all the tribute acts for bands, does the world need another Queen one? Well, for one this one was put together by Roger Taylor & Brian May so you know from the start it’s going to have that official mark of quality Queen have been synonymous for.

We review the Queen Extravaganza in Cardiff

We review the Queen Extravaganza in Cardiff

The first thing you notice is the production behind the show. For a smallish venue such as St Davids Hall, it suited it well – but being Queen, the sound would’ve been just as good in a bigger venue.

Special mention has to go to Marc Martel. There’s something about his voice being Freddie which makes the hairs on the back of my neck rise. That’s not to say the rest of the band aren’t any good – to the contrary, they’re as tight a unit as you’d expect.

The standard Queen anthems were all there – Hammer to Fall, Love of my life, Kind of Magic, I want it all, plus Save Me – which for me was a nice change (although I’d have loved to hear Breakthru). There was also Bohemian Rhapsody with traditional precorded Queen Bridge section – I mean, what decent Queen live show wouldn’t have that anyway?

There are many Queen Tribute acts, in fact my first ever concert was seeing Magic, A Kind of Queen in Pontypridd Muni back in the 90s, but you’ll be hard pressed to find one as polished, or as spine tingling good as the Queen Extravaganza. Although on the way out, overhearing people talk – one did say “They were good but not as good as magic”. Ever want to just turn around and tell someone just how wrong they are and the reasons? I didn’t by the way.

Queen may still be touring, albeit without John Deacon and Freddie, and I’m sure Adam Lambert is good – but there can only be one Freddie, and there can only be one Queen tribute band – The Queen Extravaganza.

The Queen Extravaganza are:

Marc Martel

Brian Gresh

Tyler Warren

Francois-Olivier Doyon

Brandon Ethridge

Nick Radcliffe

Review by Patrick Downes


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