V By Maroon 5 (Album Review)

Review of V the Maroon 5 new album

Maroon 5 were, only a short while ago, huge!  Three years ago they were musics shakers having secured huge hits in the shape of Moves Like Jagger (38th biggest ever selling single in UK chart history) and obviously Payphone with its slightly naughty lyrics.

Review of new Maroon 5 album V

Review of new Maroon 5 album V

Whilst their career hasn’t really boomed following that early success, they have managed to ride on the tidal wave created by pop stardom.  I don’t know how and I only realised after trying to work out why they called their album V, but this is Maroon 5’s fifth album.

Adam Levinge is undoubtedly the talent in this pack.  His high pitch and ability to twist his delivery to fit the most varied of backing tracks is no simple task.  He even managed to sing on a track dominated in theory by hip hop heavyweights 50 Cent and Eminem.

Their are glimpses of this brilliance from Levigne on the album V.  However, they are just mere glimpses.  He sounds really good on the single Maps, although you can be forgiven for thinking it is sting after sucking the helium from a balloon.  But the rest of the album is over produced and a little bit sickly in its composition.

Even the addition of Gwen Stefani on My Heart is Open doesn’t lift the album out of first gear.  Yes its upbeat (despite a couple of ballads).   And yes, Levigne does keep his enthusiasm alive throughout the album like a five year old who has eaten to many skittles.  But as a collection of songs, it just fails to deliver.

Because of the previous huge success of Maroon 5, V won’t destroy their reputation, but it will surely harm it.  If any evidence was needed, V proves that Adam Levigne really needs to have a go out there on his own.


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