Creation by The Pierces (Album Review)

Review of Creation The New Album by The Pierces.

The Pierces announce the launch of their fifth album, Creation.  Despite being five albums in the girls Allison and Catherine Pierce, are still talked about as much in terms of their looks and status as image setters as they are musicians.  However, that is a disservice the their talent and you should take a listen back at some of their early work.

Review of Creation by The Pierces

Review of Creation by The Pierces

Maybe the album title, Creation, was a bold move to try and get people to sit up and take notice.  It sets up connotations of something deep and meaningful, in fact linking back to the dawn of time, when the powers of gods (no matter what religious stance you are) created the earth, the universe and everything.  Maybe I am reading something to significant in to this.

There are rumours abound that the sisters induced “hallucinogen ayahuasca” to get the creative juices flowing.  Now I am not 100% sure I know what that means, but it does sound like a fancy term for using chemicals to make them think differently.

When listening to the tracks it appears that Catherine is probably the lead singer of the two.  She produces some great glimpses of pop brilliance on tracks such as title track, Come Alive.  The current drive of electronic pop doesn’t leave Creation alone, with synth pop appearing (in a relatively good way) on the tracks Kings and The Devil Is a Lonely Night.  If Catherine is the singer then often you wonder in duos, “what does the other one do?”  Not here, Allison creates a great guitar type sound in tracks like Elements and I Can Feel.

What cannot be ignored when listening to The Pierces is their leaning towards the style of Haim.  Whilst historically the band haven’t been compared, perhaps the recent hiatus from Haim, will present The Pierces and their album Creation with that gap to exploit.  Perhaps the comparison is one, only I will make and Creation will forge its own path.

The Pierces have undoubted musical talent.  My feeling from Creation is that in parts it promises a lot, however if listening from start to finish, it leaves you missing something.  There are some good, if not great tracks on the album, it just doesn’t feel like a complete story has been told.  That being said, take a listen for yourself, as its genuinely a good listen.


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