Too Much Flash?

Too Much Flash?

I remember growing up in urban Britain, there were these “dirty old men” who got off on flashing their bits to women and children.  Commonly known as dirty old men.  Often around areas in their flasher macs.  Yes you all know what I mean.  This probably still happens and to most people its just a weird, seedy thing to do.  Now most of you reading this probably think, what the hell has this got to do with a music site?  Don’t worry Ed isn’t making an admission here, but read on.

There seems to be a current craze for women connected to or in music to show a little more flesh than is perhaps necessary.  This post is being written by a man and by the way and not a prudish man.  However if you take the gender angle out of this, the image of women is being degraded on a pretty consistent basis at the moment.  Now this is where the abuse by trolls and some readers will probably commence.

Look at some of the recent examples though.  The slightly risqué but not really offensive outfits of some of the guests on the red carpet at the recent VMAs.  I mean who saw what Amber Rose was wearing (or wasn’t really wearing).  Whilst that just bordered on the ridiculous and on the outskirts of provocative within the seedy postcode that is just a choice of clothing that may or not be appropriate.

Amber Rose 2014 VMA Awards

Amber Rose 2014 VMA Awards

What seems to be an increasingly familiar occurrence are those “wardrobe malfunctions”.  Years ago Janet Jackson got a lot of headline news with her infamous boob slip.  Whilst you can give her the benefit of the doubt and say it was a malfunction, it was hardly part of an ongoing image.

Loosely related to music, public attention seeker, Nicole Scherzinger has a recent wardrobe malfunction.  The wind “blew open” her shirt whilst leaving the Radio 1 building.  Again whilst that may have been true, she was hardly in a hurry to cover herself up and didn’t seem to make an effort to stop herself getting lapped showing items of clothing that only Lewis Hamilton should probably see.

Several have happened in the years since, however, just this last week there have been two.  The lovely and elegant Nicki Minaj whom just exudes class completely exposed herself during a performance at the VMAs.  Whilst it may have been a genuine wardrobe malfunction when coupled with her overall profile at present you just can’t believe it was.

That leads us to the big issue.  Minaj seems to be battling it out with Miley Cyrus in terms of who can create the biggest storm.  Who can grab the met attention and who can be the most risqué or provocative.  They both show themselves off way too much and are genuinely degrading themselves in a sad attempt to get themselves noticed.  So much so that it is distracting from their musical talent.  But then again, there in the nutshell lies the problem.  Neither is particularly talented and are happy to use what their mumma gave them to grab attention and in turn make some dollar.

In doing so, these people in the public eye are sending out the message to their young and impressionable audience that this is OK to do.  In fact, in today’s throw away society, a number of youngsters sole ambition is to become famous.  It doesn’t even seem to be about money anymore.  If the likes of Miley and Minaj are happy to exploit themselves to grab attention and create buzz then what does that do to the next generation?

Perhaps this is an extreme view.  Perhaps I am being unfair.  Perhaps the wardrobe malfunctions are exactly that.  If they are, then stay away from the places Nicole Scherzinger and Nicki Minaj shop for their clothes as you too could end up showing a bit more than you had intended.

The worrying thing for me is that these incidents and the growing attention the risqué celebrity profiles are gaining sets a precedent.  Impressionable youngsters might look at this and adopt the same mentality.  There are hints Ariana Grande may already be going doing this route.  I for one hope she doesn’t.

This isn’t meant to be a preach, this is an observation.  Whilst there is nothing wrong with women or men showing their form, this can’t become the trend that defines popularity, attention or celebrity status.  Lets get back to people being known for doing something, not for showing something.

Thank you and good night.


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