LP1 by FKA Twigs (Review)

Review of LP1 by FKA Twigs

Gloucestershire is not always seen as a hotbed of new urban music.  It is more known as a bit of a sleepy foothold in the Cotswolds, with lovely country side and the beautiful spa town of Cheltenham.  Well, forget all that.  Because FKA Twigs is unleashing a verbal assault on your sensitive rural loving ear drums.

Review of LP1 FKA Twigs debut album

Review of LP1 FKA Twigs debut album

OK, perhaps that was a little over the top.  FKA Twigs aka Tahliah Barnett is bringing the West Country scene to the forefront.  Not content with being outshone by big city neighbour acts from Bristol, the former dancer has created a quality album.

Apparently Twigs, who was a backing dancer for the likes of Jessie J and Kylie, was nicknamed Twigs due to the clicking sound of her limbs as a child.  Hopefully that as now ceased and she can move a bit more freely.

So when you mention FKA Twigs as a backing dancer for the likes of Kylie and Jessie J, you wonder, will she be in the same pop vein?  Well to a degree her album is pop, but not really the uber mainstream pop of the aforementioned artists.  Her album contains exciting, catchy and sometimes unique sounds.

She has a great voice.  One which challenges you as a listener.  If can be quite understated and fluffy, but also has a range and unique quality that makes a singer stand out.  Whilst I am not comparing FKA Twigs with Erykah Badu, she does have a similar quality in the sense that her voice doesn’t really fit her genre.  Yet like Miss Badu, it just works.

Her sound and album have been hitting all the right notes.  Anybody who is anybody is talking about FKA Twigs and she is even getting back by the likes on no less than Zane Lowe.  This is the regard she is being held in.  The album, LP1, has been hotly anticipated.  Whilst some critics have called the album title pretentious, I (and its a view probably shared by Twigs) couldn’t care less.

LP1 is a genuinely hard thought out vision.   From start to finish, FKA Twigs creates a piece of work you feel you want to listen to, from start to finish.  It creates a compelling story, like a great book, but can also be picked up in pieces and the enjoyment remains.  This whole body of music, kind of throws out the view forming in the industry that albums are dead.

The music itself does have a sexy edge, with some deeply sultry moments of RnB slapped on for the urban crowd.  Some great bass lines produced to great effect to compliment the stunning melody and ethereal sound of Twigs enchanting voice.

Two Weeks is FKA Twigs lead single, and uses this style to great effect.  Essentially Twigs sings about trying to break somebody from a sexless relationship and explains how things can be so much better.

Other great tracks include Video Girl (harping back to Twigs‘ days as a dancer) and Lights On (which I heard some time ago in a different guise, but contains proper beats).

This girl has got talent though.  FKA Twigs is not one of these artists that emerge following a massive clamour of support from the cool kids and when she has got big, vanishes in to thin air.  FKA Twigs has genuine longevity and LP1 is just the start of that journey.


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