Purple Skies by De’Vide (Review)

Review of Purple Skies by De’Vide

De’vide is a band from Ipswich which consists of band members Lex Flowers and Barny Holmes. I’ve known Lex for quite a number of years now and he is an incredibly talented MC, songwriter and DJ. Added into the mix Barny a successful singer/songwriter this duo is set to be unstoppable.

De'Vide release debut single Purple Skies

De’Vide release debut single Purple Skies

You might recognise them from The Voice UK – season 2 where they made it into Jessie J‘s team and were watched by millions. From there, they want on to perform in London’s Jazz Cafe and the launch of London Fashion Week. As well as supporting many well known artists doing summer festivals along side Naughty Boy, Amelia Lily and Wiley. After a lot of radio play and support from BBC 1xtra, Capital Xtra and more they are now enjoying world tours and being managed by Mega Man one of the founding members of The So Solid Crew.
Then what dropped into my mailbox? A quick email from Lex with news of their latest promo video for a track entitled ‘Purple Skies‘. The song starts calm and mellow, with a soft beat and the soulful sound from singer Barny. Theres not too much going on which is great as it makes it sound raw and fresh and takes you into a relaxing, peaceful state of mind. It definitely makes for a great listen. Then the song takes a spin and with the lyrical MC Lex mixing his unique sound and flow into it – it all falls into place.
There’s no denying these guys have talent, I mean, doesn’t making it to Jessie J‘s team in the Voice UK say it all? If she can see their raw unique talent, then you’d be mental not to see it as well.
Make sure to check their social media and youtube channel for other videos and covers they have done so far. They’ll become one of your favourites like they are mine.
Review by Natalie Combey-Yildiz

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