Don’t You Find by Jamie T (Review)

Review of Don’t You Find by Jamie T

Jamie Treays, better known as Jamie T was once lauded as the biggest prospect in UK music.  It even got to the stage where the Wimbledon born performer was nicknamed the one man Arctic Monkeys.  Well it has been some time since we last heard anything to speak of from the man himself, in fact the best part of half a decade.  It seems an age since Zane Lowe named Back in the Game his “Hottest Record in the World”.

Review of Jamie T Dont You Find

Review of Jamie T Dont You Find

So, Don’t You Find represents Jamie T‘s comeback.  Is it any good or should he have stayed in hs hiatus?

Well the video underpins exactly what the boy is about, performing in an average house on a guitar.  No need for any thrills, good honest gritty music, with a bit of a grubby edge.  The almost mono verses at the start of the track are broken by some mesmerising female vocal/noises, which then links to a bit more of a pitch from Jamie T.

The female vocal adds a real edge to the track.  The lyrics are quite meaningful when you take a real listen.  He is essentially recounting those instances when you continually think about or even obsess about that person, you really shouldn’t.  The composition of the music is first class, strong gritty beats and great sounds of strings and a guitar.  The way the female vocals loops in, adds an eerie nature to the track and the way Jamie T, extends his style throughout to a kind of crescendo is superb.

I absolutely love Don’t You Find and if this represents the quality of Jamie T, then welcome back sir.  Its a pleasure to have you at the table of modern music once more.


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