The Boom Needs You

Sonic Boom Six – The Boom Needs You

The likes of Pledge Music and Kickstarter have been propelling the music industry through new waters for some years now. Artists have been trying to cut out the middle man and perfect the art of DIY music for what seems like an age, offering up incentives and prizes if their loyal fan base will part with some of their hard earned cash, placing it directly in to the hands of the artists rather than the whole stream of people that each take their slice of the metaphorical pie, often leaving artists with just the crumbs. These days, more and more bands and artists are trying out their own ‘fan funded’ projects, and quite a few of them have had some incredible results.

Sonic Boom Six

Sonic Boom Six

An electro ska band is next up to try their luck and, so far, Sonic Boom Six appear to be doing pretty well for themselves. In order to raise funds for their fifth album ‘Operation Boombox’, the London based band are offering up a whole range of colourful and wonderful incentives to their fans in exchange for cash, love and support. These tantalising treats range from a fiver to over two grand, so depending on your budget and love of all things electro, there’s something for everybody! Fancy a t-shirt? A vinyl? A download? What about a house show or your name in the album credits? If all of that is a little too mainstream for you then you could always hand over a grand and get your name tattooed on lead singer, Laila K. The choice is yours!

With over 200 days left of this pledge, Sonic Boom Six have already reached 61% of their goal with no signs of slowing down. Fans have gobbled up much of what the electro band has offered, including a launch track ‘The Boom Needs You’, apparently so popular with fans that the band has added it to the list of incentives free of charge ( just a little social media love in return). SB6 are also promising to donate 5% of money raised after the goal has been reached to a Teenage Cancer Trust, which does seem a pretty low percentage especially after a goal has been reached but is still quite an honourable gesture.

The band promises that their new album will be full of bouncy reggae beats, a bit of a switch from their electro ska roots but something to get the body moving none the less. Whatever happens and wherever they go next, it’s obvious that Sonic Boom Six have done an excellent job in building themselves a fan base that will back them all the way.

You can check out the Sonic Boom Six Pledge page here.

By Hev Bailey


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