They Don’t Want It by DDark (Review)

Review of They Don’t Want It by DDark

Its been a while since we listened to any new material from British rapper DDark.  Its not like the boy has been quiet though, he has been honing his skills and ensuring he keeps his place at the table of underground UK Hip Hop.  So what is They Don’t Want It actually like?

Review of They Dont Want It by DDark

Review of They Dont Want It by DDark

The video  kicks off in a bit of a weird fashion with an intro to a video from an artist that seems more like a public service announcement for the use of recreational drugs. (Don’t do drugs kids!)  After that DDark kicks in with some uncharecteristic singing, hitting you with the title straight away.  Then we get on to DDark‘s lyrics.  He opens with some rhymes about how he has worked at his craft rather than just being one of those spotted and making it big.  Naming no names.

Throughout the track we are treated to some dark beats and some eerie sounding EDM style music.  I know this is the trend at present, but I can’t wait until Hip Hop gets back to proper dirty beats, heavy bass and under produced music.  Hip Hop is more difficualt now the rules around sampling are in force but we shouldn’t lose the base of hip hop.

That last paragraph may have been seen as a slur, it wasn’t meant to be.  DDark is using a sound that is current and for that he should be credited, I just don’t believe in EDM connected to Hop Hop.  DDark does peoduce some strong lyrics in They Don’t Want It and his flow is tight as always.

This won’t be a commercial hit for DDark despite the EDM leanings and the sung chorus, but its still a quality track.  Keep up the good work DDark.



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