Life Was Fair by Only Crime (Review)

Review of Life Was Fair by Only Crime

There’s something about American punk that’s always had us UK folk eager to throw up our devil horns and pogo along with the rest of them. From the likes of Misfits, Bouncing Souls, Anti Flag and more, it seems we can’t get enough of that rebellious vibe from across the pond. It’s no different with the latest track from Rise Record’s very own Only Crime.

Review of Life Was Fair by Only Crime

Review of Life Was Fair by Only Crime

Life Was Fair is everything that makes the US punk/hard-core scene great. It’s dirty and rough and loud and heart pounding, so much so that you can almost smell the sweat and ripped denim when this track starts blasting through your headphones. You wouldn’t expect anything less when the band line up consists of some real heavyweights in US punk from the last ten years, previous experiences boasting Black Flack, Bane and Good Riddance (just to name a few).

Just like the track the video is typical of the genre, but it’s a tried and tested formula that gets our blood pumping every time. Damage, destruction and disturbance, its rebellious youth punching its way through this black and white world that’s constantly trying to enslave us. It’s that ever growing punk spirit to break the chains, to step out of line and run off the track that’s leading us to that typical conformist life.

In true punk fashion the song is over just as quickly as it began, but the impression, feeling and message remains.

The single Life Was Fair is out now via Rise Records. You can watch the video here:

Review by Hev Bailey


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