Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey (Review)

Review of Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey

When Lana Del Rey hit the scenes with Videogames, everybody was mesmerised.  Her voice was hypnotic and the moodiness of the single was something that made her stood out from the crowd.  It launched the woman and the voice. In fact her last album went triple platinum, underlying the popularity of Lana Del Rey.

Review of Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey

Review of Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey

So whilst we all loved Videogames for its unique style and content, most of us assumed her album and subsequent releases may have lifted a little.  Sadly that was not the case, what ensued was deeper and darker releases and an album that should have carried a government health warning for anybody with depression issues.

Despite the lack of sunlight and happiness within Born To Die, Lana Del Rey’s talent could not be disguised.  The deep meaning in her writing was also evident and thus justifies the commercial success of her release.  However, surely the second album has to be slightly more uplifting.

Well don’t get excited, where Born To Die left off, Ultraviolence continues.  In fact if anything, its even deeper and definitely darker.  The album leads us in to a full sense of security with opening track, Cruel World.  Slightly symbiotic of what Del Rey is capable with hints of rock guitar.  This is it though, track after track breaks in to Lynchian ballad mode.  Cruel World as well though does drag.

Some tracks show elements of promise, but they all drop in to languor as the chorus breaks.  Ultraviolence is in essence a similar ilk to Born To Die, minus the hooks.  Perhaps the closest to a change in the message is the edgier lyrics on Fucked My Way to the Top.

I am not too sure what the plan was with the album.  It seems like a one trick pony. One monotonous drone with track after track created on a boiler plate.

I have no doubt, like Born To Die this will be a commercial success.  If I never need help bringing me down from some good news or if I am struggling with insomnia, then Ultraviolence does have a place. If neither of those two scenarios occur then the album will sit untouched and unlistened in the dark cupboard it belongs.

Sorry Lana Del Rey, you have undeniable talent, sadly you hide it behind music of a languid, depressing nature.  Lets here your voice come to life and feature on something slightly more uplifting than the funeral march.


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