Oh Won’t You Go by Southern (Review)

Review of Oh Won’t You Go by Southern

Introducing ‘Oh Won’t You Go‘ a Belfast-born brother and sister band Thom and Lucy Southern taken from the EP ‘Where the Wild Are‘ out now on Marathon Artists.

Review of Oh Won't You Go by Southern

Review of Oh Won’t You Go by Southern

I’m going to be totally honest, I had not heard much of Southern‘s previous work and the reason I was drawn to review ‘Oh Won’t You Go‘ is because I liked the fact that they are a brother and sister band plus I had a feeling they would be very authentic, I could also see from their look that they had an innocence about them that seems to be a rarity within the music industry these days, the only innocent artists I see these days are normally portrayed this way from a reality show or manufactured.

Southern recently supported The Kooks on a number of sold out tours, they have also supported Thumpers at London’s Scala.

Oh Won’t You Go‘ is Lucy Southern’s first lead vocal, Thom usually leads the band. I decided to listen to all of their tracks before listening to ‘Oh Won’t You Go‘ to enable me to give an honest review. Thom has an amazing voice with depth and strength hearing him made me hesitant and I hoped that Lucy’s voice matched his. I can safely say it does, Lucy has a very pretty, clear and melodic voice. The track is very melancholy and slow, perfect for a movie soundtrack. At first I thought I may not enjoy it all because of it being slow and I kind of hoped there would be a dramatic key change, surprisingly there wasn’t, I decided to listen to it again and could understand why, it was a simple song with simple lyrics, it is perfect as it is. I noticed it had a very soothing effect on me, it relaxed me, this could be a mixture of Lucy‘s vocals, the lyrics, Thom‘s subtle backing vocals or the elegant video. All of which worked together. ‘Oh Won’t You Go‘ gets the thumbs up from me.

I am looking forward to hearing more from Lucy, perhaps tracks with a bit more range and fire to it. I really like Southern, Thom and Lucy‘s vocals compliment each other and I can see these guys having a great future. I hope they maintain their wholesome untarnished appearance.

I recommend you check out ‘Oh Won’t You Go‘ and ‘Where the Wild Are‘ to show how diverse their style is. If you want to see Southern perform, they are currently touring and have a few more dates left.

16th June, Cambridge, Clare May Ball
26th July, Secret Garden Party
9th August, Newquay, Boardmasters.

Review by Tina Robinson


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