City Bug by Naomi Shalom (Review)

Review of Naomi Shalom single City Bug

First off, let’s make clear I’ll be completely unbiased while reviewing this, reason being yes, she’s from my neck of the woods (South Wales), but I’m impartial when it comes to music (let’s see how that pans out).
Granted there’s a lot of new female singer songwriters all wanting to be the next big thing, so where does Naomi Shalom fit in? Does she fit in? Has she created a niche of her very own?

Review of City Bug by Naomi Shalom

Review of City Bug by Naomi Shalom

At first listen “City Bug” sounds like a lot of other songs. Nice hook, good production, and a really nice voice. About halfway through I found myself wondering “What if Avicii produced this?” As it’s definitely got a “Hey Brother” kind of hook to it. Maybe as a dance track this would be better? It does hold it’s own quite nicely though, and in fairness, Naomi’s voice is good.

The first part of this was written after just one listen. I’m onto listen number three now, and it’s definitely grown on me. As a debut it’s good, and you do wonder how it’s all going to develop. It’s one for you to keep an eye out for in the next few months.

Review by Patrick Downes


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