Back in the World by David Gray (Review)

Review of Back in the World by David Gray

Not long ago we reviewed a new single, Gulls, from the much loved David Gray. It was a slightly different sound than we’re used to from this national treasure, a lot more haunting and soul  searching. Well, now he’s back with a new video for a new single and, if you weren’t a fan of the last one, you’ll be happy to hear that this single is much more like the David Gray we fell in love with fifteen years ago, when the unforgettable White Ladder album was first released.

Back in the World David Gray

Back in the World David Gray

Back in the World is an upbeat, foot tapping little number which is hugely reminiscent of Gray’s older work, without making it feel like he’s just a one trick pony. Taken away with that folksy voice and familiar soft tempo, this track is steady melodies and memorable chorus builds with some beautiful piano playing woven through out. The track evokes a light, positive feeling, much similar to what one feels when listening to Gray’s memorable hits Babylon.

A few fans have critiqued this track to be ‘over produced’ and ‘lacking in emotion’. The latter, in my opinion, couldn’t be further from the truth. The emotion is present and raw if you really listen to the lyrics. As far as production goes then yes, there has been more fiddles and tweaks on this track than some of Gray’s earlier work, but considering we live in the age of auto tune and laptop created symphonies, David’s done pretty damn well ‘keeping it real’ as well as keeping up with the times.

The album Mutineers is out 30th June  and the UK tour runs from present until mid July (see dates below)

Live Dates:

June 23                    Birmingham                          Symphony Hall

June 24                    London                                  Royal Albert Hall

June 26                    Gateshead                              The Sage

June 28                    Westport Festival               Westport, Ireland

June 30                    Glasgow                                  Royal Concert Hall

July 2                       York                                         Barbican

July 3                       Manchester                             Lowry Theatre

July 5                       Daytripper Festival                 Waterford, Ireland

July 6                       Groove Festival                       County Wicklow, Ireland

July 8                       Bristol                                     Colston Hall

July 9                       Bournemouth                          Pavilion

Review by Hev Bailey


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