Heart and Soul by Twin Atlantic (Review)

Review of Heart and Soul by Twin Atlantic

Twin Atlantic emerged from Scotland in 2007; touring the country and gaining a steady stream of support from anyone who saw them take on small, local stages as if they were overcrowded arenas.  After the release of a well put together EP, an eagerly anticipated album and making friends with the legendary Biffy Clyro, Twin Atlantic became an unstoppable force. A few more killer tracks and once in a life time supporting opportunities (with the likes of Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance) and Twin Atlantic found themselves in the midst of a tornado of their own creation. It seems everyone is on board with this group of lovable Scottish lads and no one can get enough of their music, energy or presence.

Review of Heart and Soul by Twin Atlantic

Review of Heart and Soul by Twin Atlantic

August sees the release of the band’s third and perhaps most anticipated album Great Divide, with the first single, Heart and Soul, unleashing itself on the world late last month.  Heart and Soul is an energetic rock track, intro thumping its way through the speakers and building with Sam McTrusty’s unmistakable vocals in to a rousing, punchy chorus. The riff that flows through the track is sharp and catchy, latching on to the ears of any listener and refusing to let go. This formula continues on throughout – thumping, foot stomping versus that rise in to that epic chorus, the type that makes you close your eyes and belt along.

Since 2007 Twin Atlantic have seen, sailed, divided and conquered every ground they’ve stepped on, and if this single is anything to go by, the album that follows should be nothing less than victory.

Great Divide is out 18th August via Red Bull Records.

Review by Hev Bailey


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