Katy Perry at O2 Arena, London (Gig Review)

Katy Perry at O2 Arena, London (Gig Review)

At the moment Katy Perry seems to be the archetypal pop icon. In years gone by we have had Madonna, more recently Kylie, those singers that just seem to be able to do no wrong with their music. Now we aren’t comparing Katy to either of those (and Madonna and Kylie couldn’t be much more different), we are just considering their status.

Review of Katy Perry at O2 Arena

Review of Katy Perry at O2 Arena

Now Katy Perry can hardly be considered the greatest vocalist of all time, that is a comment that probably even she would agree with. However, like Kylie, she repeatedly releases track after track with great pop hooks, variety in vocal and tempo and above all, a likability factor that makes good pop stars, great pop stars.

It could have gone either way for Katy Perry after her ill-fated marriage to Brit “funny man” Russell Brand. Most thought it was an unexpected hook up at the time, but who are we to judge the personal lives of others. Whatever the foundation or merits of their turbulent relationship, one thing is certain, Katy Perry has come out stronger. She seems more determined and has channelled her passion in to her career.

We will put aside rumours abound of her personal life (R Patz was at the O2) to concentrate on her performance on Tuesday night.

Well as mentioned near the start of this piece Katy is not the best vocalist on the planet. There were times during this show that this statement was an understatement. Some pitch issues and even some tuning issues in certain areas, but none of this seemed to matter.

Katy Perry’s show was all about the performance. Think Kylie, think Britney. This show which sat at the O2 Arena, could as easily been placed on the theatre in the West End as it could at the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Katy Perry was on fire. In a blaze of high energy and a show that would test the colour settings on even the highest quality 4k, curved, HD TV (or whatever the latest tech is), the show was an indulgence for the eye.

Katy along with herd dancers put on a massive show. Her costume changes were all part of the experience and as she hammered out some of the classic pop tunes you all know and love, the audience got more and more hyped.

Put simply, Katy Perry did not deliver an accomplished vocal performance that would have got a cynical Simon Cowell in X Factor judge mode excited, she did deliver one of the best theatrical pop shows that I can remember.

If you love Katy Perry, you must see her perform live. If you are a fan of great visual entertainment, you need to see Katy Perry live. If you are a miserable old git that thinks they know all about music and has no sense of fun, stay at home.


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