X Factor Shocker

X Factor Shocker

Music Eyz has breaking news from an insider relating to this year’s X Factor.  As widely covered, Cheryl Cole (Tweedy, or just Cheryl) is returning as a judge.  The speculation as to the other judges has been rife with names including Rita Ora, Rihanna, Robbie Williams and Simon Cowell himself returning.

Well whilst some of those maybe true, we have just learned that Louis Walsh has confirmed he is leaving the show.  And Surprise Surprise Cilla Black has been lined up as a judge.  The scouse queen, is thought to split the public feeling due to her age and years out of the spotlight.  A spokesperson for the show said “we need somebody that has been there and done it. The reaction to the experience Sharon brought last year was incredible and we think that Cilla has the same qualities”.

Harry Styles joins X Factor judging panel

Harry Styles joins X Factor judging panel

In addition to Cilla, Harry Styles from One Direction has been lined up to replace Gary Barlow.  The show wants to keep true to its core audience of teenage girls and Simon has pushed out all the stops to secure Harry‘s signature.  What this means for X Factor boyband One Direction remains to be seen.

In other news, X Factor also aim to emulate what rival show The Voice are doing with Social Media and bring it more in to the mainstream of the show.  Legendary TV duo Paul Daniels and chef Rustie Lee are being lined up to fill the public feedback slot.

What do you think to the news? Is it good that Cilla brings experience? What do you think to the developments with Harry Styles? Is it great to get Rustie Lee back on TV?

Rustie Lee joins X Factor

Rustie Lee joins X Factor

Let us know what you think.  Add a comment here or Tweet us @MusicEyz


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