Franz Ferdinand Dublin Gig, March 2014 (Gig Review)

Review of Franz Ferdinand Dublin Gig 23 March, 2014

There’s something I really don’t like about getting older and it’s this, Me: “Fancy heading to see Franz Ferdinand in March?”

Him: “Yeah, cool but get seated tickets ‘cause my back’s in bits and I won’t be able to stand at it.”

Franz Ferdinand Gig at The Olympia Dublin

Review of Franz Ferdinand Gig at The Olympia Dublin


!!! Arrrrrgggghhhh


The packed out gig at Dublin’s Olympia kicked off with the Eagulls. I liked their sound. Their drummer kept control of pace well and apart from a little awkward shyness from one of the guitarists I relaxed into my ‘seat’ waiting for the Franz Ferdinand squad to appear onstage. Bang on 9pm they did and I grinned. “Nice outfits lads and looking very fresh I must say :)” is what I thought as I took a swig of my Heineken and then they took off, ripping the Olympia apart with their opener, Bullet. The crowd? Well they just loved it and straight away there was a vibe that this was going to be a cracking gig.

Next up, The Dark Of The Matinee and there’s one thing about Ferdinand, you can sing the guitar strings as was proven by the audience just then. “Find me and follow me through corridors refectories and files you must follow, leave this academic factory. You will find me in the matinee, the dark of the matinee.” And the Olympia tore into song right then and follow them we did  dropping any ounce of academic nous among us as we picked up our air guitars and joined in, clapped, stomped our feet and sang out. Alex and Nick started to look assured right then that this Irish crowd were up for it and very much willing to enjoy what was being offered to it. Tell Her Tonight and Evil followed and then, Do You Want To. I looked around and behind me they were out of their seats and ‘yer man’ sitting the other side of me smiled at me and said, “yeahhhhhhhhhhh”.

Each tune just rolled into the next No You Girls, Fresh Strawberries, Walk Away, Stand On The Horizon. At this point band and crowd were dovetailing from the roof of the Olympia. They played to us, we played to them. They sang to us and we sang back and himself with his sore back was out of his seat!

I know bass guitarists are cool dudes but Bob Hardy has the patience of a saint. How the man stands so stoically beside the charisma and infectious energy of Nick and Alex is beyond me. Those lads go hell for leather for 90 minutes and keep a connection with the audience at a max for the whole duration. I saw the same over the years at gigs with the Stereophonics, One Republic and the Coronas.

And so the repertoire continued … Can’t Stop Feeling, Brief Encounters, Take Me Out, Love Illumination, The Fallen, Lucid Dreams, Michael, Outsiders and finishing up with Ulysses. The old and new stuff was nicely mixed and proved to me that over the last ten years the Ferdinand sound is well and truly established and still very much enjoyed and appreciated by its listeners.

As for the encore, we called upon the band to return their posteriors to the stage and equally so we removed our from our pews and joined in on Right Action, This Fire and quite fittingly Goodbye Lovers and Friends.

If you ever get a chance to see these guys live, do. You won’t be disappointed and for €28 or the equivalent of you’ll have the best craic playing air guitar beside your neighbour and you’ll forget about your backache. The fact that you might not know the exact words doesn’t matter, just sing the guitar chords and that will do.

Oh and if you’re heading to their final gig in Norway as part of the Pstereo Festival, let me know if they’re knackered and Bob’s propping them up 🙂

Review by Nicola Timmons


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