New Jon Connor Mixtape

Jon Connor Mixtape- The Late Registration Of A College Dropout Who Had A Dark Twisted Fantasy Of 808s And Heartbreak

Connor has released a surprise mixtape  onto the net with the spit and polish of a top end artist. The recently signed Aftermath artist even announced his linking up with Dre with his freestyle Cypher at the BET awards back in September.

Jon Connor release new mixtape

Jon Connor release new mixtape

The mixtape uses a selection of some of the biggest beats from Kanye West’s albums including one of my all time favourites ‘College Dropout’ album. The Flint, Michigan native just flows effortlessly, with clever storytelling and word play. He switches up his speed of rhyme in each track, showing he can go slow or speed it right up like he does in his verses for ‘Touch the sky’, ‘Power’ and ‘Black Skinhead’,  where he rocks it hard in the speed flow with such a great intensity.. In fact, I prefer Jon Connors version of Black Skinhead and Flashing Lights over Kanye’s.. What I will say though is those beats he emcees over are gold.. those tracks are Kanye GOLD.. and throughout the mixtape Connor salutes Kanye because the level of craftsmanship that has gone into these tracks it what has propelled Mr West into superstardom..

He released his first album independently, he has the drive and talent to go to the very top and on this showing will sweep aside a lot of the less talented emcees making a name for themselves in the buinesss. It’s his intensity that gets me, its angry, raw yet polished and arrogant, constantly calling himself ‘The best in the World’, its an attack on the senses..I for one cannot wait for his first album under Aftermath Records.

By Michael Wilkins


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