Introducing Daithi

Introducing Daithi

In winter my preference of drink is a glass of Guinness or a red wine but once the bright evenings emerge and the sun is starting to heat up this isle, I favour a white wine or a bottle of Corona. I’m the same with music in that I go through a seasonal change. Whilst my core music interest lies in your indie, alternative arena once the Spring hits I like to pivot around the other genres to see who has been at work, while I have been hibernating my eardrums in a tunnel of rock music.

Introducing Daithi

Introducing Daithi

Last week I looked at rap and introduced you to DVO Marvell. This week I’d like to invite you to listen to Daithí from our electronic pop music scene.

Daithí (pronounced Dawhee) is David when translated to English and he’s mixing up some real proper dance tunes at the moment I tell you. The lad’s from Galway and he’s working on his first album which so far he has released two singles with videos off it, Chameleon Life ft. Raye (with Sony music was a big summer hit over here last year), Case Closed ft. Senita (was released in December 2013 and is an infectious dance track to some ‘deadly’ visuals by Feel Good Lost) and just this week his third single Have to Go ft. Jesse Boykins III produced by Ian Ring and it already has almost 4000 plays on SoundCloud in just 4 days.

Electronic is another genre of music that isn’t getting proper attention on Irish radio but there are some guys over here who have been and who still are doing really well on the international circuit thanks to the likes of SoundCloud, YouTube, Vevo and XLR8R. Daithí brings something unique to the mix with his fiddle playing and I just love how he isn’t afraid to take on projects and throw back something that’s varied, young and very fresh. He has an undeniable talent and as a result is managing to carve out a successful career for himself over here. He’s played at most of our big festivals including Electric Picnic, Body & Soul and Forbidden Fruit and I’d imagine he’s billed to play at all of them again this year.

When it comes to electronic music I favour the tunes that are deep or strong in bass and drum beats and now in Daithí’s case the fiddle element which edges a track to a whole new level like in Have To Go.

His sound is bold and it’s haunting at times and listening to him he sounds like the kind of lad who isn’t afraid to push boundaries. If I were a music director in an advertising firm I’d want to pin his sound to my product.

If you’re intending on having a house party this weekend throw him on and kick it off with his ULFM “House Party” Mix. A superb 40 minute track which builds nicely and takes off at around the 4 minute mark and by 6 minutes it’s kicking ass. A great starter to any party while you find a home for those coats and sort everyone out with a drink then chill by raising the roof and a toast to your cool new discovery that is Daithí 😉

By Nicola Timmons


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