Bristol’s The Flies Cover Ruby Tuesday

Bristol Band The Flies Cover Rolling Stones Ruby Tuesday

The Flies Cover Ruby Tuesday

The Flies Cover Ruby Tuesday

The Bristol band The Flies released this week video for a cover of The Rolling Stones song “Ruby Tuesday.” When asked about the song and video the band stated:
“We got the idea to record Ruby Tuesday when Tim (Norfolk), after listening to The Rolling Stones version the night before, suggested that the lyrics of the song would compliment a slower, more melancholic backing track. We all immediately saw the potential of this and began recording it. Literally, by the end of the evening we had recorded and mixed the entire track. We then applied the same ‘let’s do it in one night’ approach to the video which was the first video that we shot ourselves. The video was shot at Christchurch Studios in Bristol, where all our music is recorded. As with most of the videos we have made, we directed, lit, filmed and edited it ourselves. We use one camera and one or two lights. We like to shoot and edit the same day, keeping an immediacy and simplicity. Shooting into the light gives the videos an aesthetic that we like.”

Its a great cover of a classic track and showcases the band prior to the release their new single, ‘One Day My Baby Will Leave You’, on 24th March 2014 on Library Music Recordings. It’s a darkly beautiful, emotive song and the first to be taken from the band’s forthcoming second album Pleasure Yourself, due for release in late spring. The B side is the tender ‘One Less Heart Beats’.
The Flies formed in Bristol in a very loose and incremental way, when production team and Emmy Award winning soundtrack composers The Insects (Bob Locke and Tim Norfolk) joined forces with vocalist/musician Sean Cook. Sean had been a key player in Spiritualized (notably on their seminal record Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space) as well as the band Lupine Howl.

For their second album The Flies worked with Andy Spaceland, a producer and musical collaborator who had worked with both Sean and The Insects with his previous band Alpha – and drummer Damon Reece who was also in Spiritualized and Lupine Howl.

After many late night sessions and in-between many other projects, (Sean and Damon are currently playing with Massive Attack and Elizabeth Fraser, Andy is working with Butch Vig and Mark Stewart (The Pop Group), the album was completed at the end of 2013.

By Doug Duffin


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