T-Zank Exclusive Music Eyz Interview

Music Eyz Exclusive Interview with T-Zank

Name: T-Zank
Genre of music:Hip Hop
Twitter name: @RealTZank

T-Zank Music Eyz Interview

T-Zank Music Eyz Interview

Where do you live?

I currently reside in Ada, OH but am from Angola, IN.

Many of our readers are UK based and as such may not be aware of you or your music. How would you describe your sound?

My sound is best described as technically fast & lyrical hip hop with an inspirational & energetic vibe. I bring deep emotion in my tracks stemming from my personal struggle, overcoming of hardship and social consciousness.

Tell us about your latest release

My latest release, a mixtape titled Section Z, was created to inspire people to rise above the challenges presented to them in life and use the things they don’t understand to drive them to better situations.

Section Z can be downloaded for free

What was your motivation for this latest release?

I want to help people with every project I create and this tape is my best efforts toward that goal. Section Z exemplifies the medical struggles I have been battling my whole life and how I use that today to fuel my success. It highlights the importance of following what you truly believe in with undeniable dedication.

What influences are there that helped shape your sound?

There are ultimately to many to name, but I gain inspiration from a variety of artists, from hip hop to rock. I get a revolutionary and conscious influence in my music through artists such as Rage Against The Machine,Mos Def, Killer Mike, Nas & Talib Kweli to name a few. The wild creations made by artists like Jim Morrison , Jimi Hendrix & Eric Clapton inspire me to one day become an icon in I also use to playback Twista and similar artists verses and try to mimic them because it has always been amazing to me how clear they can be while being quick at the same time.
What is the music scene like in your home town?
The music scene in the small town that I am from is a mixture of all genres for the most part. A lot of people listen to country and rock and roll, the younger crowd listens to music from hip hop to metal.

How did you get started in music?
I started playing guitar when I was ten years old. My Dad was always playin the drums and bumpin classic rock, so that inspired me to start playin. Since then I’ve been picking up a number of instruments such as piano and drums, trying to craft my own variety of tunes. When I went to college it evolved to a heavy hip hop focus, but I got more music in a lot of directions for people in the future.

What hints and tips would you offer to anybody trying to get in to music?

If your trying to make it a career, love it. Stay focused on creating a unique sound and studying the music business like you would for any other professional job. Its a profession for those

If you weren’t in music, what do you think you would be doing and why?

I currently work as an electrical/project engineer in Ohio in addition to my music

If you could collaborate with any body, who would it be and why?

Mos Def, because he is one of the most intelligent artists to ever grace the game. Every song has a relevant purpose that educates as well as inspires.

Just how big can you be?

I want to take my music around the globe and plan to. Every day is another opportunity to show someone else what I can do musically and hope that it will inspire them in a positive way.

Are there any acts that you think our readers should be keeping an eye on?
Watch out for A.M.F.J., Kid Bufkin, and J Tubbs from my area. Keep your eyes on Indiana hip hop in general, this State has a number of emerging artists with unique talent.

In terms of your music, what does success look like?
Success is an immeasurable crowd in front of me at a stage show that believes in the same message that I push; to use the struggle in your life to fuel your successes.

Do you have any plans to visit the UK?
I hope to come to the UK as soon as possible, hopefully within the year. A clothing partner of mine, THTC , is based out of London and I plan to come out to see them, do some shows and expand the mind!

What message would you like to leave for the readers of Music Eyz and everybody in the UK?
Use your struggle to fuel your future success, Rise Above! Become the person you dream to be, not the person that everyone else thinks you should be.

Any last words from you?

Shout out to my music family Successful Musik and Music Eyz for the interview!

Thanks again for your time T-Zane and good luck with the music.


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