Sex + Love by Enrique Iglesias (Album Review)

Review of Sex + Love the new album by Enrique Iglesias

The Iglesias family have been in the music spotlight for a number of years.  Julio Iglesias kicked off this dynasty by winning the Benidorm International Music Festival in 1968.  Julio has gone on to sell over 300m records worldwide, sung in 14 different languages and released 80 albums.  He is a multi platinum artist and is accredited with being the biggest selling latin artist ever.

So with this pedigree his kids had a lot to live up to.  Enrique Iglesias has done his best to live up to expectations and was rumoured to have signed a c.$50m deal with Universal Records   He has since gone on to sell over 100m records.  All in all, Enrique Iglesias has amassed over 70 Number 1 places on the various Billboard charts.  His new album Sex + Love is out tomorrow (17 March, 2014).  But is it any good?

Sex + Love by Enrique Iglesias

Sex + Love by Enrique Iglesias

Well as you can probably expect from the title Enrique is attempted to raunch this one up a bit.  This is evidenced further by the somewhat suggestive and slightly cheesy cover shot.  The shot features Enrique being blindfolded by a woman’s hands, with the obligatory open shirt.

Iglesias himself says of the album title “I wanted to be straightforward”.  He goes on to say “The title descibes exactly what the album is about”.  So a raunchfest then?  Well in the album Enrique attempts to mix the extremes.  There are traditioanl latin love songs as you would expect from Enrique Iglesias but also tracks that would fit as nicely (in terms of lyrics and content) on a RnB banger.

One of the catalysts for the album’s theme was 2014 single I’m A Freak, which kicks off the album.  A pretty simple tune featuring a basic piano riff, some synths overlayed and lyrics that set the tone.  Enrique sings amonst other things about “popping and dropping” and “and a woman who f~%ks like an animal” – charming!  This isn’t help by the addition of Pitbull. Now as regular readers of Music Eyz will know, I am not Pitbull‘s biggest fan.  His lack of flow and intenation above a simple and bland commercial delivery is painful to a rap fan.  So lets say no more. Oh apart from he features on a track later on, in which he is nothing short of an abonimation.

Aside from that there are tracks on the album which lift it so the level you would expect of Enrique.  Beautiful is probably the pic of the lot.  A track definitely on the love side of the album is a ballad that features the dulcet tones of the one and only Kylie Minogue.  The melodies within the track live up to the title and this is definitely one that should get some commercial play.  Enrique plays his part in it too, complementing Kylie‘s more pop sounding tones with some authentic latin flair.

Perhaps one of the most surprising tracks was Physical, featuring fellow latino Jennifer Lopez aka J-Lo.  This one is not on the love side of the album.  Enrique plays a blinder on this one with a real passion to his delivery.  Surprisingly thought J-Lo feels like she is going through the motions.  However, after a few listens you get in to the track and it all seems to piece together.

The surprising thing is, I have always thought of Enrique Iglesias as one for the women.  However this album is more balanced and could attract a bit of male attention.  One thing is certain, although the album is worth a listen and there are a few tracks of merit, including Still Your King, there isn’t a stand out track like Hero.

The album will sell in its millions. It will get highly placed in the US and he will build a bigger following.  This is a bit of a diversion from the normal Enrique Iglesias, but the dynasty lives on.


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