Top 5 on Your iPod – Sunni Stephens

Top 5 on Your iPod – Sunni Stephens

Its been just under a month since we last spoke to Sunni Stephens.  The Florida prospect has been really busy since then, but she took time out to share the Top 5 on her iPod at the moment.  Some good choices here, including one of the biggest tracks of recent times, let us know what you think.
Sunni Stephens - Top 5 on your iPod

Sunni Stephens – Top 5 on your iPod

1. Happy by Pharrell  

This is pretty much my everyday wake up song. It sets my mood for the day. Pharrell is just a genius anyway, but this song…simple and powerful…smart! From the happy chords to the lyrics and the tone of his just fits

2. Love Peace by Mello Dope

Mello Dope

Mello Dope

Minus the fact that this song is just sexy as hell, the music puts me in a trance…it’s one of those songs you can ride to, dance to, make love to…it’s just a “to” kind of song…I mean the chorus says I wanna make love..,peace…love, peace, love peace…nuff said!

3. The Worst by Jhene Aiko
Her tone in this song is stupid! OMG…I personally like voices that are soothing and can talk to me…like a conversation…she has intonation when needed, but it’s always easy…and the lyrics in this song…yep! I’m a fan.
4. Computer Blue by Prince
Computer Blue by Prince

Computer Blue by Prince

Need I say more…he is always on rotation…but I am in love with the breakdown in this song..,you know at the end when it’s about 5 minutes of music…lol yeah that’s the truth.., I dare you to turn off the lights, light some candles, and take a play this song…makes you feel some kind of way, huh!
5. Your body is a Wonderland by John Mayer
Well minus the fact I’m in love with him…this is my self empowerment song…sexy, simple, and sweet. I can play this song at any hour and it changes my mood…sad to happy…ugly to beautiful…unsexy to sexy…whatever the moment. He speaks to it.
Honorable mention….I just came back from India and I’ve been on a punjabi kick lately, that music could easily be the new hip hop! They are the party culture anyway in India so it fits…I dare you to sit still while listening to any punjabi song…it’s quite hard 🙂

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