Happy St Paddys Day – Introducing DVO Marvell

Introducing Dublin Rapper DVO Marvell

By the time you finish reading this I reckon I’d have put a smile on your face. What and who comes to mind when you think of Irish acts in the music business? The answer is most likely to be rock bands the likes of U2, The Script and Kodaline to name but a few.

Introducing DVO Marvell

Introducing DVO Marvell

Maybe it’s the boy bands Boyzone and Westlife, if that’s your thing.

Right, now here’s one for you, DVO Marvell, a rap artist from Dublin who has got me smiling at the moment 🙂

The underground hip hop and rap scene in Ireland is flourishing of late. It’s an untapped area of music in this country. Some people might say they didn’t know it existed but it does and when you discover it you find it’s alive and abundant with some fine dedicated artists. What it could do with now is an injection of some recognition and it’s rappers like Marvell that I think could get that ball rolling.

20 year old Marvell moved to Dublin with his parents from Congo Dr when he was aged 4. At the age of 16 he started putting poetry to beats and in 2012 he began his project, a mixtape called The Playbook. He released it in September 2013 straight after the launch of his first music video May Day produced by Protege Beatz. When I first saw May Day, it wasn’t just the hip hop rap you could hear around me but the sound of my jaw hitting the floor. Here was a lad who not only looked the part but sounded it too. He had grabbed my attention.

His Playbook takes you on an honest journey to where he’s at in his life. I think it’s got consistency throughout it and that he chooses his canvas of hip hop back beats well to drop his lyrics on. At times I can hear an undertone of RnB and it’s a good mix and I like it. Marvell waxes lyrical about his life in Dublin, his dreams and most importantly his drive to make a go of it in the music business. Go From Here is a lovely track and his second video which gives you an insight into his life of going to college and working the clubs at night. He’s hard working, bright and talented with an appealing persona, a sound looking lad the type you could have the craic with.

He’s mostly upbeat throughout this tape but he does cover issues such as people doubting his journey as an artist in Get It Right and you can hear this desperation in his sorrowful lyrics. Then he swings to a strong determination to succeed in “Embrace” which is a well thought out haunting piece of work to a chilling beat. In it he’s not hanging around waiting for success, he’s going to step it up and go after it. Like someone sharpening the knife he’s preparing to make his cut on the industry.

Not surprisingly, last year he got his first break when he was one of three artists chosen by rapper Hoodie Allen, FM104’s DJ Frank Jez and Spin1038’s DJ Ahmed to support Lil Wayne at Dublin’s O2 arena in October 2013.

This lad is thinking outside the box. He’s collaborating with other young talented artists such as Ange MC, Damola and I love his contribution on Komo’s African Woman Remix. He’s networking and he’s doing it right.

“Rookie at it here but I’m like a pro” I think he’s got that right 😉

By Nicola Timmons


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