Introducing Swords

Introducing Swords

Ask this Dub what she thinks of the Swords sound and I’ll respond with a smile “yeah, deadly buzz”. A band I haven’t yet seen live but who are on my radar for this year as there has been quite a bit of noise surrounding them of late.

Introducing Swords

Introducing Swords

An alternative and indie rock band from Dublin, Swords was formed in 2010 with band members consisting of:

Diane Anglim (lead vocals, synth and piano), Ian Frawls on drums and Jarlath Canning (backing vocals, guitar and bass). Like all new bands Swords can and have been compared with others and yes while I can hear some Portishead in their last album Black Balloon and some Yeah Yeah Yeahs likeness in their current album Lions & Gold with even a hint of Franz Ferdinand in their tune Buildings it has to be said that this band do still have a distinctive sound of their own.

It’s rich, dark with dramatic effect but never is a tune overdone and their lyrics are a real thinking persons bit of musical crumpet. Lead female vocalists are at the moment hauntingly encapsulating when you think of London Grammar’s Hannah Reid and from across the Atlantic in LA, Mandi Perkins in Of Verona and it’s in this company that I’d put Diane’s voice. It draws you in and carries you along with her as she tells the story over sharp cymbals and piercing piano notes. Since the release of their latest album in July 2013 the band has been receiving some proper airtime on local and national radio.

They have performed at some great Irish venues the likes of Whelan’s, one of Dublin’s most favourite music venues famed for its atmosphere and providing a platform for upcoming bands to showcase their trade to the best of crowds. The band has supported some really good Irish acts and are scheduled to support Ham Sandwich in Dublin’s Olympia this April 19th so while they have been crafting and plugging away at their trade I reckon they’re on course to something really cool sometime very soon. Swords band? “Yeah, gimme more of that please :)”

By Nicola Timmons


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