Hellblazer by Savage Messiah (Review)

Review of Hellraiser by Savage Messiah

Introducing Hellblazer by Savage Messiah, a heavy metal band with with some kicking guitar rifts.

Savage Messiah are a four piece rock band, with Dave Silver on vocals, Joff on lead guitar, Stefano playing bass and Andrea on the drums, the guys have long flowing hair that most of us women can only dream of.

Review of Hellraiser by Savage Messiah

Review of Hellraiser by Savage Messiah

Hellblazer is taken from their forthcoming album ‘The Fateful Dark‘ on Earache Records, this track is classic heavy metal with jaw dropping rifts, a long intro and kick ass vocals from Dave. This track is a tale about how power and religion can be used to control society by the use of occult rituals, the song tells of how this can trap people into believing they have freedom which is an illusion because in reality they are controlled like robots. I really liked the concept and it’s great that Savage Messiah are sending the message out to ‘open your eyes’ to what is happening around us, their album ‘The Fated Dark‘ continues the theme.

I want to talk about the video, it is eye opening to anyone that is unaware of the occult illuminati, in this video it features a ritual with chanting and highlights the use of puppetry using higher powers. It has an evil Pope, an innocent woman who becomes possessed after the occult leaders chant and do their thing. The actress featured is contortionist and Game of Thrones star Pixie Le Knot, I found her movements mesmerising. If you enjoy your supernatural horror movies then you will like this video. The video is simple and perfect for this track.

If I was to make a comparable I would say that Dave does have a similar voice to Jon Bon Jovi and Axl Rose, they also remind me of a mixture between Thin Lizzy with a hint of Alice in Chains. If you enjoy epic guitar rifts and fierce vocals then I recommend you listen to Hellblazer. There are some amazing guitar rifts by Joff and Stefano and Andreas plays a mean drum set. I do enjoy heavy metal and I intend on following Savage Messiah on their quest to opening your third eye.

The band are currently touring the UK.

Mar. 05 – York, UK – Fibbers
Mar. 06 – Glasgow, UK – Audio
Mar. 07 – Manchester, UK – Sound Control
Mar. 08 – Wolverhampton, UK – Slade Rooms
Mar. 13 – Pwllheli, UK – Hammerfest
Apr. 19 – Norwich, UK – Thrashersaurus Festival
May 14-21 – San Antonio, Ibiza – Hard Rock Hell Road Trip

Review by Tina Robinson


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