She Knows by J Cole ft Amber Coffman, Cults (Review)

Review of She Knows by J Cole ft Amber Coffman, Cults

It has to be said I am a huge fan of J Cole and my love for him was cemented in stone when I went to see him perform live. He is an incredible artist and hugely talented, it’s not surprising that he was snapped up and signed. He’s on his way to making history in the music industry from his sick beats to his lyrical flow and play of words.

Review of She Knows by J Cole

Review of She Knows by J Cole

From Friday Night Lights and Sideline Story to his incredible hit album Born Sinner which his latest release is from She Knows Ft Amber Coffman it’s hit after hit he consistently smashes each release.
The music video which accompanies the track is also powerful as was his last one for Crooked Smile. They always say music is the best way to tell a story and the videos he releases never fail to deliver this, they aren’t just videos of girls and men in club with bottles but they tell their own story accompanied by the song.
The beat to She Knows is undeniably catchy with a lot of instruments playing their part and the sound of J Cole is enough to melt anyone. I love his voice and the sound just takes me to a whole different place. It’s as though each song tells a story and has hidden message involved, it takes an extremely talented artist to pull this off and J Cole achieves this time after time. I would class J Cole up the top with the best and he is working his way up the ladder nicely amongst the best of the best.

It’s definitely one for the playlist as is his whole album Born Sinner it could possibly be one of my favourite albums from him.

Review by Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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