Albums You Must Own Number 14 – Justified by Justin Timberlake

Albums You Must Own Number 14 – Justified by Justin Timberlake

When asked to think about an album everyone must own there’s one in particular which comes to mind.  It has to be the legend Justin Timberlake and his incredible album Justified. It has to be one of the greatest albums ever.  From start to finish there isn’t one track that I dislike or feel the need to skip. It was my favourite listen when it was released and no matter how many years later, I go back to it.  The test of great music is if it makes you relate to your memories.  Justified makes me think and  loads of memories come flowing back, particularly of the Justified tour, which I was lucky enough to see.

Justified by Justin Timberlake

Justified by Justin Timberlake

It was an incredible experience and one of the first tours I went to. Justin Timberlake proved what a really great and talented American artist he was and is. It gave me such a great feeling and the atmosphere was unbelievable. The album features tracks such as Senorita, Like I Love You and the smash Cry Me A River.
I couldn’t even start to think about the best track of the album as its way to hard to choose.  Unusually, Justified is honestly an experience listening to it from start to end. I 100% recommend this album to anyone and everyone there’s a song for every feeling and emotion.  I will personally guarantee you will learn every song, word for word.

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Review by Natalie Combey-Yildiz


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