If I Could Change Your Mind by Haim (Review)

Review of If I Could Change Your Mind by Haim

First off, we have been pretty big supporters of Haim here at Music Eyz, reviewing some of their early material.  The great thing about the girls is that they won’t be changed in terms of image to meet the demands of standard modern pop music.  No oodles of fake tan, no Bablyliss curlers and no masses of fake eyelashes.  The great thing about Haim is they look like normal girls.  In fact, a little bit geeky, but I mean that in a nice way.  Haim definitely break the mould of what the industry has made the girl band look.

If I Could Change Your Mind by Haim

If I Could Change Your Mind by Haim

This “difference” isn’t restricted to their image.  Haim have a unique style to their sound as well. Great harmonies, stories told in their lyrics and traditionally genuine music being played on real instruments.  All three girls bring something different to the band and all three girls have genuine ability.

If I Could Change Your Mind is a slightly different direction for Haim.  The harmonies are still there, the stories are still there but the music is different.  Yes the video shows the girls with instruments, but from the first minute you can tell those aren’t really what this song is about.  The sound is a little more synthed.  There are hints, in the key changes, of a sound of bygone days as well.  Maybe just me, but there seems a distinct late 80s or early 90s sound.  Definitely no Tiffany but nonetheless a decent hark back.

If I Could Change Your Mind has a bit of an unusual video as well.  The girls demonstrate their geekiness, however, I feel that the dance moves were a bit ill advised.  Whilst they are obviously rehearsed but they look really awkward and certainly not something that should have made post publication.  Maybe that was the point, but it all seemed a little odd to me.

Overall though, If I Could Change Your Mind is a really good track.  Definite pop number that should see Haim score another hit.  A change in direction that may make some critics change their mind, but for me this track shows a variety to the Haim sound.

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