Unconditional by Memphis May Fire (Review)

Review of Unconditional by Memphis May Fire

Since first striking the match in Dallas, Texas, three years ago, Memphis May Fire has been burning up the US rock scene. Grabbing listeners by the throat, the band have been impressing rock lovers and gaining invites to some of America’s most loved alternative music events. Selling over a staggering 130,000 records, their previous album Challenger gained a well deserved #16th spot on the Billboard charts,and fans are now eagerly awaiting the next installment from this unstoppable band.

Memphis May Fire new album Unconditional

Memphis May Fire new album Unconditional

Its good news as there’s not long to wait! The band will be releasing their new LP Unconditional on 24th March via Rise Records, and have already graced us with the new single, No Ordinary Love.

A flip through any rock music channel or radio station will tell you that this is the kind of sound that moves the rock generation of today. Its guitar thrashing, bass thumping verses building to screaming choruses, songs that transfer well from the headphones to the moshpit. This track flows perfectly from start to finish, flawless in its production and musical construction from the tightness in the guitar solos to the seamless switch between melodic vocals and raw screams.

Lyrically this song is what all of us love about music. It’s just the right balance of dark of hope, of self hate and self worth. Basically it’s the rock world’s version of Katy Perry’s “Roar” or the latest Beyonce ballad. Setting sail for the UK in April, Memphis May Fire will be touring our cities with their head banging, chest grabbing rock, hoping to set a fire like the one that’s still burning across the US.

Review by Hev Bailey


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