Introducing Andrea Oliva

Introducing Andrea Oliva aka DJ Andrews latest 3 track Miami house EP on DFTD ‘decomposing’

Now I have enjoyed many nights listening to Miami house, so when I found out that I was reviewing Andrea Oliva‘s latest EP, I was thrilled. The title track decomposing has a mixture of tribal drums, a heavenly piano and an addictive baseline.

decomposing by Andrea Oliva

decomposing by Andrea Oliva

Within the first 13 seconds I could really feel that Miami house sound, slowly the 90’s influence kicked in, it certainly brought back some happy memories, so at this point I’m enjoying it but I did find it a little too repetitive and welcomed the piano with a sigh of relief, then I found myself really needing a key change to kick in which it did at around 2 minutes, it does have a great baseline. The track is over 3 minutes and even though it envoked memories and my head was bobbing, it just didn’t do it for me in the way a Miami house track can. The track is summery and light but certainly not the best out of the 3 tracks from Andreas EP decomposing I recommend you listening to Reseed, now thats a tune!

All three tracks from ‘decomposing‘ are very different and if you are a fan Andrea Oliva when he spins his decks or into Miami house, then this could be the EP for you.

By Tina Robinson


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