Interview with Rui Da Silva

Interview with Rui Da Silva

Firstly Rui, thanks for taking the time to speak to us, we know you must be busy, so really appreciate it.
Rui Da Silva Interview

Rui Da Silva Interview

Music Eyz: You were, to the best of our knowledge, the first Portuguese performer to have a UK hit, why do you think that is?
Rui Da Silva: That is not a question I’m able to answer that easily, I’m not sure why I was the first Portuguese to have a UK hit record but I know that since then Portuguese artists have been making some noise in the music industry and my success has inspired a whole new generation of talent in Portugal.
Music Eyz: You have been producing quality house music for a long time, how do you manage to stay fresh and keep ahead of current trends?
Rui Da Silva: I’m constantly interested in new trends, technologies and sounds and I’m still after all these years very hungry to learn new techniques and to improve my craft, I guess that willingness to push forward and dedication to achieve quality in my productions is what keeps people still interested in my work.
Music Eyz: A lot of people have been criticising the whole house music scene recently, with only a few labels recognised for outputting quality house music. What is your view on the scene at the moment?
Rui Da Silva: There will always be people bitching about other peoples success its only more apparent now with Social Media.
Music Eyz: Its been a while since you released your last track in the UK, what have you been doing in the off time?
Rui Da Silva: I spent several years in Ibiza doing a Sabbatical and dedicating my time to my family. I came back to London and have since opened a recording studio in Soho, been busy writing two albums and focusing on new projects.
Music Eyz: We understand you are releasing some new material for 2014, tell us about it and what the Music Eyz listeners can expect?
Rui Da Silva: As a solo artist I will be releasing more music that is song orientated as opposed to track lead… I’m in the middle of writing an artist album that will have 14 songs in total. I’ve also been busy developing a new act that you will be hearing about very soon.
Music Eyz: How does your new music compare with some of your previous recordings?  After all, your previous material has had a mix of sounds.
Rui Da Silva: I think that the new material sounds much more tight and sonically much better, I’ve been spending the past few years improving my enginering skills and learning new techniques and  using them in my new material.
Music Eyz: Who are your biggest musical influences and why?
Rui Da Silva: My main influences over the years have been Prince, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Brian Eno, Sonic Youth and many others…
Music Eyz: What do you make of the whole superstar DJ tag?
Rui Da Silva: People need idols and role models and the superstar DJ has become this century’s pop star.
Music Eyz: Pete Tong was recently honoured with an MBE by the queen, what is the biggest honour you have ever received?
Rui Da Silva: I think it was a well deserved honour the MBE that Pete Tong has received, his commitment to take the dance music forward worldwide has been a lifelong body of work. In Portugal there isn’t any such similar awards, I have been invited this year to receive an award in Portugal but I dont know yet what this will be as it is scheduled for later this year.
Music Eyz: So how did you make it as a DJ and what sacrifices did you have to make?
Rui Da Silva: My career as a professional DJ only started many years after I was a successful producer, and off course for being able to succeed you do have to be prepared to work almost every weekend and you have to be prepared to travel to very far places around the world, and be away from your loved ones for periods at time you also need to be prepared to live without  a fixed wage and without a boss, and to be prepared to never give up and to put as much time as you have in improving your craft, if you want to be successful you will have to learn time management…
Music Eyz: If you could offer advice to any up and coming DJ what would it be?
Rui Da Silva: Don’t follow others, create your own thing that you believe in and be prepared to work much harder than you have ever imagined.
Music Eyz: Now if my gran was to describe what a DJ was, she would say a man behind a desk, drinking beer, with little lights, a smoke machine and playing Agadoo.  How would you describe DJing to her, in words she could understand?
Rui Da Silva: Someone that is playing other peoples music and taking the recognition for that.
Music Eyz: Who are you listening to at the moment and what makes them good in your book?
Rui Da Silva: Currently I’m listening to Jon Hopkins, Lucky Dragons, Oskar Sala and a load of new promos for djing, they’re  all extraordinary artists and I like the way they push people’s expectation of what music should sound like forward without alienating the average listener.
Music Eyz: What are you guaranteed floor fillers at the moment?
Rui Da Silva: Of course my new single New Lover with Penny F. has been a massive floor filler past few months with people coming to ask me what the track is.
Music Eyz: Who are your hot tips and who should we be keeping an eye out for in 2014?
Rui Da Silva: New artists on Kismet Lee Pennington, Twelve Minds and Easton Gunn are two artists to look out for this year as they have some really good material scheduled for later on in the year.
Music Eyz: What final message would you like to leave with Music Eyz readers?
Rui Da Silva: Thanks for having me on this interview and to the readers please come and drop a message on one of our social networks, we are always happy to continue our conversation there.
As Rui Da Silva said, why not pop by and say hello to him on social, you can find Rui on Facebook, say hi and say we sent you.

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