Introducing Music Eyz Sessions

Introducing Music Eyz Sessions

We are overawed by the levels of visitors Music Eyz has managed to attract over the past year or so.  We hope that its because we provide genuine, impartial and passionate content by music fans for music fans.  As regular readers will know we have stayed away from the commercial angles that sway most music sites and we will continue to do so.

Launch of Music Eyz Sessions

Launch of Music Eyz Sessions

We have always been passionate supporters of new music from unsigned, independent and signed acts.  We also recognise that it can be difficult for new acts to get their music in front of a mass audience.  With this in mind we are kicking off Music Eyz Sessions in March.  Several acts have already signed up, some unsigned and some established.

Music Eyz Sessions Launches March 2014

Music Eyz Sessions Launches March 2014

We are now calling for more acts to join Music Eyz Sessions.  All we are asking for is video of you performing your music.  We need a minimum of two tracks from you.  One track should be original material from you and the other a cover of a known song.  We understand some genres don’t lend themselves to covers. So for instance, if you are a rapper, we can also accept a freestyle over a known backing track.  We also ask that you record a shout-out to Music Eyz viewers. Obviously we are happy to include more than two tracks.

The material will need to be filmed.  But don’t worry, we aren’t after great production.  A recording from a standard device such as an iPhone or Galaxy Tab are fine.  We want to hear the talent and not test your videography skills.  As long as we can hear your audio we will be happy.

Simply stick the videos in a drop box or a similar web based environment and we will do the rest.  The videos need to be unique and we cannot accept YouTube links.  We will edit the videos to sharpen the cuts.

We will promote your sessions to our mailing list, site visitors and via our successful social networks.  Obviously to make the content a success, we also ask you to promote via your social networks as well.


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