Battle Cry by Angel Haze ft Sia (Review)

Review of Battle Cry by Angel Haze ft Sia

Angel Haze is a Detroit born rapper that is starting to make real waves in the music world.  There is a bit of a mixed reaction from critics and the public alike after news that Angle Haze has forced her label to release her debut album early.  Then again, the other Detroit rappers are hardly shy in coming forward.

Review of Battle Cry by Angel Haze

Review of Battle Cry by Angel Haze

In her latest single Battle Cry, Angel Haze demonstrates that she isn’t one of those token female rappers.  In a really well produced track Angel calls on the support of serial collaborator Sia to help bring the emotion through in to a really personal track.  Angel runs through some really personal aspects in her lyrics supported by disturbing scenes in her stirring video that accompanies the track.  Scenes that may disturb some, include scenes with a male figure and also a scene where a young girl appears to self-harm using a razor blade on her wrist.

In a stark inward look at her childhood that included being abandoned by her parents, getting molested and fighting to survive, Angel Haze reveals all.

If you aren’t moved by the lyrics or video, you should still take a listen to Battle CrySia delivers a chorus with real emotion that is spine chilling on its own.  Her heart warming vocals add a lovely dynamic to the Angel Haze raps.  Angel raps with passion, at times a sense of aggression but above all passion.  Sometimes this type of deliver can feel unbalanced, unorganised and frankly a little sloppy.  Battle Cry is none of those things.  The production is first rate, the flow of lyrics from Angel Haze is tight and musically, regardless of the message, Battle Cry is quality.

If you view Battle Cry on youtube, there is a link to a helpline to support other children that may be suffering.  For those that don’t want to view the video there, here is the link


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