Introducing Annie Afrilu

Introducing Annie Afrilu

You know when people say that so-and-so singer has an amazing voice etc etc, normally the first thought is “yeah, course they do, just like most talent show hopefuls”. However, take it from me, Annie Afrilu, does have such a gift.

Introducing Annie Afrilu

Introducing Annie Afrilu

Annie Afrilu‘s debut single entitled Fade To Blue showcases her voice exceptionally well.  Backed only by a simple and slow piano melody, Annie‘s vocal starts off soft and gentle and rolling with the piano backing. It is during the chorus where the Adele comparisons might start as Annie‘s voice soars above the piano in a similar manner to the Skyfall singer. Although this lazy comparison is likely to be made, Afrilu has a softer tone to her voice, more akin to Laura Mvula or the less well known Stac (Wah Wah 45 records).
It will be interesting to see where Annie goes with her follow up releases; if they continue in the same chilled soulful style, which would be no bad thing, as her voice definitely suits it. Or if the tunes go uptempo at all. I will be following what happens with interest, that’s for sure.

Annie has a debut headline slot at Tony Moore‘s Bedford Live in Balham, March 11th 2014. She will be doing a full set with live band. Full details of this show can be found here:

Take a listen to Fade To Blue yourself and let us know what you think

It will be released on her debut EP: Memoirs of a Love Bird, Due out in July 2014.

By Nick Rayman


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