Landlocked by Fanfarlo (Review)

Review of Landlocked by Fanfarlo

London based Fanfarlo have been collecting praise from the likes of NME and Rolling Stone with their hypnotic and breezy retro sounds. This month sees the  release of their new album, Let’s Go Extinct, and in light of said musical venture  the quirky four-piece have released a surreal video for the equally magical track Landlocked.

Review of Landlocked by Fanfarlo

Review of Landlocked by Fanfarlo

From the first few moments of the intro the mind automatically pins this track under the ‘retro’ or 80’s title. It’s that light, poppy intro and the almost Bob Geldof sounding vocals that does it, I think. There’s indie and folk thrown in there too, something very carefree, like that space in time between hippies and hipsters.  Still groovy, but now with melodic purpose. The synths and vocal harmonies work together to create a dream like feel, like the soundtrack to some strange part of the subconscious.

Though the video is set against a backdrop of white ground and bare trees, the track has much more a lighter feel – not quite the warmth of summer but definitely the change of spring, like cold sunlight and soft rain showers. This is ever more present in the colours in the video, hues of blues and reds, like a sunrise.

Altogether, this is a track which takes the most desirable of the quirky sounds of the past and spins them towards the future. An interesting listen and a curious preview of what’s to come.

Fanfarlo will be breezing through Europe through this month and the next. You can watch the video for Landlocked here: 

Review by Hev Bailey


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