Top 10 Inspirational Tracks for Bonita Norris

Top 10 Inspirational Tracks for Bonita Norris

Bonita Harris isn’t a household name, but for those in to their outdoor pursuits she is a bit of an idol.  Bonita was the youngest ever British woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest at the age of 22.  If that wasn’t enough she also went on to climb its 8,000m neighbour Lhotse.  So if you ever had the crazy idea to attempt to climb anything more than the hill to the pub, read on. Bonita Harris shares the Top 10 tracks that helped her reach the top.

Bonita Norris Top 10

Bonita Norris Top 10

1 Hey Boys, Hey Girls by Chemical Brothers

The line “Here We Go” starts my slog to the top in the still of night.  It really gets me focussed”

2. Blind Faith by Chase and Status

I love listening to drum and bass in the hills. Its got rhythm and keeps me focused.  I can focus on my climbing, my heart rate and the dangers ahead.

3. Let You Go by Chase and Status

This is aggressive and angry, perfect for a few hours into the summit climb when the initial adrenaline that started out fades away.

4. True Love Fantasy by Unicorn Kid

An instrumental.  I love rap but I tend to lose concentration listening to the lyrics.  Not a good look when you are 8,000m in to the sky.

5. Song 2 by Blur

I listen to this a lot in training, so on the mountain it instantly triggers my brain: go on go! Its aggressive and keeps you moving quickly.

6. Welcome Home by Radical Face

Listening to this in training. I’m hoping all the hard work will pay off. When it plays on summit night and I see the top, its indescribable.

7. Paradise by Coldplay

For when you suddenly get an incredible sunrise.  The sky turns pink, all the mountains around you appear and you see the summit.

8. Wake Up by Arcade Fire

The betting harmonies of the chorus make me want to jump and skip.  It tells me life is to be lived and I feel very alive.

9. Maybe Tomorrow by Stereophonics

I need to start saving energy for the descent.  This song lowers my heart rate. My battery is about to die of cold.

10. Clair De Lune by Debussy

Back at base camp, we’re all safe.  Time to go home with new lifelong friends and memories. I’ll smile. Life is so damn good.


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