Vai na Fé by Edcity ft Ronaldinho (Review)

Review of Vai na Fé by Edcity ft Ronaldinho

When we first heard the news that legendary Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho was releasing a song we thought it was an April Fools Day prank.  So we had to check it out.  Whilst we shouldn’t be shocked (due to the rise of all things Brazilian, given this year’s World Cup) we were surprised.  What would this be like?  We had visions of the Brazilian equivalent of either Chris and Glenn‘s Diamond Lights (Chris Waddle and Glenn Hoddle for the younger readers) or a latin american Fog on the Tyne by Gazza.

Vai na Fé by Edcity ft Ronaldinho

Vai na Fé by Edcity ft Ronaldinho

So was Ronaldinho on a track just a gimick?  Was it done to tie in to the world cup and get some publicity?  Well even though I can’t understand a word of Portuguese, I get the sense the former isn’t true, even if the latter might be.

So as I said, my grasp of the Portuguese language is not up there on my list of key attributes.  However whilst reviewing I learned that Vai na Fé means In Good Faith, not “We Love Music Eyz” as I had originally thought (joke).  The language is a bit of a barrier, but not massive.  The track opens with some quite delicate piano chords and then Edcity kicks in with some powerful singing and graspy rapping.  The music kicks in to provide a real samba sound, something I incidentally love, regardless of the world cup.

Ronaldinho appears quite early with a bit of a snarly rap.  Whilst it doesn’t sound terrible it is distinctive and I think its fair to say, Ronaldinho won’t be making the same impact on the global music scene that he did on the world football stage.  That being said he isn’t terrible and in a strange way he adds to the track.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I can’t understand what Edcity is rapping, but you know what, that doesn’t matter.  He mixes an upbeat delivery of his vocals with elements of rousing and elements of quick lyrical flow.  In fact he sounds really good, particularly over the authentic sound track and good beats.  I genuinely do like this as a track to listen to.

The video combines studio shots, with some genuine clips of Brazilian street life, including kids in the slums, football being played on clay/sand pitches and also street party scenes with crowds of Brazilian locals bouncing through the streets.  The inevitable clip of Ronaldinho scoring a great freekick also appears.

My recommendation would be to have a look at the video and listen to the track.  I would do this for two reasons.

1) To get in the mood for the Brazilian sound this summer

2) To broaden your mind to something genuinely credible but different from the norm

In short, Vai na Fé is a good track, both Edcity and Ronaldinho do well.  Have a listen and let us know what you think.


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