Music Eyz Exclusive Interview with 3D The Boss

Music Eyz Exclusive Interview with 3D The Boss

Name: 3D The Boss
Genre of music: Pop
Exclusive Interview with 3D The Boss

Exclusive Interview with 3D The Boss

Music Eyz: First off, a bit of detail, where do you live?
David E Beats: We currently live in Atlanta GA, but I am from Washington DC and lived in NYC for a few years! 
The-O: I was born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia up until 2008 when I relocated to the United States and chose Atlanta ,Ga as a base ! 
Music Eyz: Many of our readers are UK based and as such may not be aware of you or your music.  How would you describe your sound?
Chanda Leigh: Our sound is a fresh, innovative approach to the international
The-O: Our sound is Epic big ,Fun loving and will make you wanna dance and sometimes make you wanna run and other times inspire you to make a loved one smile. The sound of the Fugees evolved into the Black Eyed Peas and now Into 3D The Boss.
David E Beats: Not only do we make pop records, we also have the ability to do many other styles. Myself, I come from a hip hop/rock background, so thats the element I add. 
Music Eyz: So you speak to us on the backdrop of a new single making waves stateside, tell us about your latest release
Our current single Lollapalooza is out and making waves. We have a full length album that is nothing short of classic. When we crowd tested the album, the feedback we received was that every song has the ability to stand as a single.  The kids love it!  Adults do too.  We are really excited about the feedback we’ve been getting.  We are looking to inspire people to think of themselves as extraordinary which is what Lollapalooza means — an extraordinary person, thing or event.  Our goal is to perform it at the Lollapalooza festival in August and have it be used as the theme song for the whole festival!
Music Eyz: What was your motivation for this latest release?
David E Beats: Our goal is to empower and inspire people everywhere to tap into their inner greatness. We are looking to raise the consciousness and character of the world. 
The-O: Our intention is to create an experience for our fans beyond just the music. The level of engagement is like nothing seen before. As 3D The Boss , we move from a place of being complete within ourselves before, during and after the fame and fortune. This is the message behind the Lollapalooza album and the message we are passing on to our fans as they watch us exemplify this lifestyle on the YourDay BalanceGame Platform.
Chanda Leigh:  Our intention is to create a sound that honored all three of our greatest strengths and showcased how unique we really are.  With the guidance and writing direction of our visionary, Day Adeogba, we have created an album that is full of musical beauty!
Music Eyz: What influences are there that helped shape your sound?
David E Beats: We draw influences from the history of music in general. From Michael Jackson to Jay-Z, we are inspired by the whole of great music across all genres. 
Chanda Leigh:  Our greatest influences include Michael Jackson, Madonna, soul music from the 70’s, dance music from the 80’s.  We are drawing on our collective musical exposure and allowing it to inspire us!
Music Eyz: What is the music scene like in your home town?
David E Beats: Artists are now getting signed in DC, which is good since for a long time there was a huge underground scene. Its nice to see some of the people who’ve been hometown heroes for years finally get their break. 
The-O: The music scene in Zambia Is starting to put a stamp on the African map. The majority of the artists are very youthful and experimental with sounds.They are redefining the sound of Zambian Music
Chanda Leigh: Where I’m from, Springfield, MA, there isn’t much of a music scene.  I don’t even know where bands play.  I think they have to travel to the closest college town, Amherst,MA, where there is a strong urban and hippie community of music lovers.  Rock is big there. And Reggae too, believe it or not!
Music Eyz: So you are pushing out your material now but how did you get started in music?
David E Beats: I started by first listening to Jay Z‘s The Blueprint. That was my introduction to rap music. From then on, I started writing raps constantly. 
The-O: I started singing when a childhood friend challenged me to Perform a Boyz II Men song. He was so impressed by my rendition that he called his friends and family to listen . I’ve had an audience ever since and my passion for music has stayed with me
Chanda Leigh: I got started performing music in college.  I was a part of the Spelman College Jazz Ensemble in my Junior year and that’s how I gained an interest in being professional.  Before that I was just one of many young women who played the piano and sang.  
Music Eyz: So what hints and tips would you offer to anybody trying to get in to music?
Chanda Leigh: Be very aware of those you include in your camp. Environment is vital to your success.  I would say look for the character of the people you consider working with and let that be most important. 
David E Beats: It’s important to surround yourself with people of respectable character. The music business is a shady business, but it definitely changes to a great one when you’re around people you can trust and depend on, beyond the music. 
The-O: Take the inside out approach. Build character and practice your craft. Attract a team that is passionate about the vision and will go all the way no matter what. Have a big enough why or reason for doing it. This will keep you going in the face of challenging circumstances. Be already successful before being successful. Choose to measure your level of success by how joyful you are moving through life because of your powerful perceptions and habits.
Music Eyz: Obviously from speaking to you, we can tell music is your passion.  But if you weren’t in music, what do you think you would be doing and why?
David E Beats:  I’d more than likely be running another business. Being a partner in I AM PR Agency would probably be my first priority, and I’d be interested in starting some sort of other business. 
The-O: I would be a lifestyle coach and transformation specialist because I am passionate about teaching people how to access the unlimited power that lies within us all to create many more magical moments in life
Chanda Leigh:  I’d be teaching creative writing probably and authoring books of fiction and poetry.  That’s what my first degree is in.
Music Eyz: OK back to the music. If you could collaborate with any body, who would it be and why?
David E Beats: I’d love to write a song with Jared Leto, or the Foo Fighters
The-O: Rick Rubin because he displays a level of musical genius in his ability to produce great music across multiple genres
Music Eyz:  So with the current single and album under your belt, just how big can you be?
David E Beats: We are already the biggest pop group in the world. 
The-O: We are so big our music will play on Planet Mars.
Chanda Leigh: Bigger than any pop group the world has ever seen.
Music Eyz: Are there any acts that you think our readers should be keeping an eye on?
Only one, 3D The Boss! 
Music Eyz: In terms of your music, what does success look like?
Chanda Leigh: Experiencing the greatest heights of worldly fame and fortune while still having inner peace, integrity and character fitness.
David E Beats: Success looks like being in the middle of what others might call success, and still being the same person I am today, regardless of who’s around. 
The-O: True success in anything starts within. I learnt that the hard way. You can have all the external success and still be empty inside. Playing the YourDay BalanceGame enables us to measure our level of Internal Success. 3D The Boss is about both internal and external success. Externally, musical success looks like having a sold out world tour,100 million downloads,10 Grammys,18 Billboard number one hits.
Music Eyz:  So this is all really exciting and you are obviously ambitious, so do you have any plans to visit the UK?
Of course! Our tour should make its way there by the end of this year! 
Chanda Leigh: We should begin our European tour there with a street concert outside at Piccadilly Circus! Which means we need to come during the warm weather!
Music Eyz: What message would you like to leave for the readers of Music Eyz and everybody in the UK?
David E Beats: Strive for balance and everything will work itself out. Also, make a plan and stick to it. 
Chanda Leigh: Trust the small voice that guides you and align yourself with the highest principles. Stay closely connected to people of high character and everything else will emanate from there.
The-O: Watch us play the YourDay BalanceGame, download our single Lollapalooza On iTunes and watch for tour dates coming to a place near you. Welcome to a 3 Dimensional Experience!
Music Eyz:  That’s great, thanks for taking the time to speak to us.  Good luck with the single and album and lets chat when you get over to the UK.

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