Makin Me Dance by Tina Barrett (Review)

Review of Makin Me Dance by Tina Barrett

Some of our more regular readers will remember just over a year ago we reviewed what was billed as the comeback single, Fire, from Tina Barrett.  We also had a really good interview with the former S Club girl.  At that point we had assumed the start of a comeback was near.  Then it all went quiet.

With the success of ITV’s reunion shows, rumours began to build of an S Club comeback with Tina featuring.  This was amplified when her PR pulled out of promotion of a new single.  Whether or not the S Club taking part in the new show on ITV is true or not, Tina Barrett’s new single Makin Me Dance slipped under the radar a little bit.  The track first hit youtube two months ago with no promotion.  Tina is now pushing this one out via her channels, but is it any good.

Tina Barrett Makin Me Dance

Review of Tina Barrett’s new track Makin Me Dance

Well the first thing that strikes you about Makin Me Dance is Tina’s voice and style.  Not sure how to describe the sound but it has a bit of a Tina Turner without the belting out sound to it.  The track is accompanied by what sounds like genuine instruments, with the guitar starting the track and featuring prominently throughout.

Whilst we know Tina Barrett has moved on from her S Club days, as our review of Fire proves, this is a big step away.  It is pretty well produced but it feels so completely different that it needs to be reviewed in its own right, as it won’t able to the nostalgics who harp back to the old days.

Well in short, Makin Me Dance is pretty good.  The backing track is well produced and despite the change in style in her voice Tina Barrett does deliver a good vocal, albeit a little repetitive.  The video features Tina in various states of flirtation trying to attract an amercian chap in various scenes.  Whilst the song is called Makin Me Dance, it ends with Tina getting her man.


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