I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel) by Jennifer Hudson ft T.I. (Review)

Review of I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel) by Jennifer Hudson ft T.I.

Jennifer Hudson was an output of that lovable little reality talent show American Idol.  The Chicago born singer was a finalist of the series in 2004.  Like most decent contestants on these shows that didn’t win, she has done OK for herself with a string of hits.

Her latest offer I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel), which will from now on be referred to as I Can’t Describe, is a pretty decent offer.  The track kicks in straight away with a pretty heavy pop dance beat (or as the yanks like to call it EDM).  Jennifer Hudson doesn’t seem to be very shy in the video and finds herself in the company of some semi-clad men straight away.  The opening lyrics are delivered pretty well and the song begins to build.

I Can't Describe by Jennifer Hudson

I Can’t Describe by Jennifer Hudson

From the vocals in I Can’t Describe you can tell that Hudson has a voice.  She delivers her verses with some good mixed pitches and when the chorus kicks in, she shows some great range and holds her high notes really well.  The verse from T.I. whilst being really well integrated in to the track, really does feel like it has been lumped in.  The video does that feeling no favours either as the two of them never really seem to feature in the same frame.

Despite I Can’t Describe being just under four minutes long it does seem to go on a bit too long.  Jennifer‘s vocals seem a bit repetitive and the backing track feels like it is trying to find an identity.  The music sometimes feels RnB, yet sometimes cheesy dance/disco.  Overall it is a bit of a pop mashup, but the video is a little more risqué than your average pop classic.

Overall, a good track with a suspect video.  I genuinely believe this will be a hit in the US, which is where it matters for Jennifer Hudson, I am just not sure it will translate to UK chart success.


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