I Like Not Knowing by Fatherson (Review)

Review of I Like Not Knowing by Fatherson

Indie four piece Fatherson have been floating around the Scottish music scene for a while now, working hard to build a strong fan base in their roots. Feet now firmly in the earth, they’re hoping to stretch beyond the boarder this year and bring their infectious music and bobble hat charm to the rest of the UK (and beyond). They’ve begun 2014 with the release of I like Not Knowing, the first track from their album I Am an Island out April 7th.

I Like Not Knowing by Fatherson

I Like Not Knowing by Fatherson

From the intro the cleverness of the melodic little hooks starts to seep out and grab on to whatever’s listening, catching it with catchy riffs and pleasing vocals. Rather reminiscent of the early work of bands like The Script and Scouting for Girls, the track has a steady pattern of rises and falls, build ups and break downs, which all make for an interesting listen.

The track encompasses both an intimate and big band feel with personal one on one verses leading to big, atmospheric choruses. It sounds like something that would make the perfect indie summer jam, and with more tracks like this Fatherson would do well on a festival stage.

With just a brief click through the band’s musical catalogue, it’s easy to hear that this is the track for this band; it’s that turning point all musicians strive for where they take everything they’ve learnt so far, tie it all together with the type of confidence that only comes from experience before hurtling it towards the sky.

Bands like Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic have been proving that the Scottish indie band is a place in music like no other. It’s a place of melodic twanging vocals over gut grabbing guitar riffs against a backdrop of highland and brisk weather. And we absolutely love it.

The album I Am an Island is out April 7th.  You can listen to I like Not Knowing at the band’s Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/prescription-pr/fatherson-i-like-not-knowing

Review by Hev Bailey


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