Country Girls and Boys

Are you a Country Girl or for that matter a Country Boy?

Yes you say the word “Country” and the first thing that pops into your head is Dolly Parton or songs about “my man has left me” or twanging guitars enough to send you to sleep! Then please read on!

You must have heard of Carrie Underwood or perhaps Miley Cirus how about Shania Twain? Good Country stock perhaps? Carrie came out of American Idol, Shania, her father was a Ojibway Indian came from Canada and Miley Cirus is the daughter of Country superstar Billy Ray Cirus (those old enough might remember his song Achy Breaky Heart What do they have in common? Superstars in both the Country and alternate world.

Dixie Chicks play Country to Country at the O2

Dixie Chicks play Country to Country at the O2

You might think that Country is purely for the Americans. Well you would be wrong. There is a strong following in the UK. This March at the O2 there is a two day Country Festival called Country to Country appearing will be the Dixie Chicks, Zac Brown Band, Brad Paisley, Martina Mcbride, The Band Perry and many others. I believe that the Dixie Chicks appearance will be the first in the UK since Natalie Maines insulted President Bush from a London Stage- a comment which did not go down well back home!

Look them up and come along

By Melanie Neale


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