Commando by Marina Gasolina (Album Review)

Review of Commando by Marina Gasolina

You may have seen our recent review of Biggie Apple Mixtape by Brazilian rap trio Pearls Negras. Well you wait all that time for one track from this years World Cup host country and then two come along at once.  Music Eyz contributor Hev Bailey review Commando the new offer from Marina Gasolina.

Review of Commando by Marina Gasolina Brazilian Singer

Review of Commando by Marina Gasolina

Like a Brazilian Amanda Palmer, Marina Gasolina has burst back out of the wood works to shake off the shackles of her previous musical ventures (Brazilian baile- funk band Bonde Do Role, several side collaborations and founding her own label Anfetamina Records) and now has her eyes set on adventure and personal reinvention.  In early December 2013 Marina unveiled her debut album Commando, which has so far been well received by adoring fans world wide.

Electro, rockabilly, punk and 80’s vibe – these are just a few of the genres that can be easily pulled from this album. A dizzying array of sound, each track stands well on it’s own but mixes well with the album in its entirety to create a piece which is delicious to the ears.

Not everything has changed for Marina. No stranger to controversy with her previous group, it’s obvious she’s kept that dangerous edge in the sharpness of her often sinister sounding vocals. This blends perfectly with tracks like London Surf and No One Loves You (Like I do), songs that are sure to pull you in with their groovy beats and toe-tapping choruses.

Forbidden Things has a little more of a surreal sound. Layer upon layer of strange vocal sounds and a leading vocal line which sounds almost like spoken word, this is a slow and eerie sort of track which sounds like it should be played in the back room of some antique looking thrift shop, populated by drifters and hipsters.

The track Johnny Wet My Pants is a rocking little number that heads up the finish of the album, bouncy, cheeky and full of life. Very similar to the early tracks from Hole, an obvious influence for this singer, it’s a nice little break from the weird and wonderful before we’re pulled right back in with the end track The Waltz – an eerily intriguing track which is an odd but somehow perfect ending to this mass of sound of an album.

If you’re a fan of strange, unique and downright quirky, pull up your socks, lace up you boots and prepare to get weird; and like it.

Review by Hev Bailey


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