What Next For JLS?

What Next For JLS?

So the news was broke last year that JLS were to split.  Whilst there were hundreds of thousands of broken teenage hearts, it didn’t seem to have the same widespread hysteria that the likes of Take That had when their split announced.  Maybe today’s youth are more fickle, maybe the rise of One Direction helped, or maybe they are just more controlled and levelled over emotions.  However you view it, JLS are no more after completing their Goodbye tour.

Predictions for JLS band members from Music Eyz

Predictions for JLS band members from Music Eyz

JLS are still the most successful X Factor finalists and really did make an impression on the UK music scene.  From a personal perspective, I believe they were slightly ruined by the direction their label and/or management took them.  Whilst they may not have sold quite as much, I firmly believe they would have had more longevity and gained greater credibility if they followed a more urban RnB route.  The ironic thing is that this year’s X Factor (incidentally the worse for a number of years) praised Rough Copy for their urban routes and said there is nothing like them out there.  That is what JLS should have been.  Either way, the band have gone their separate ways, seemingly on amicable terms, but I can’t help but feel their is something behind the decision.  It doesn’t feel like Aston has really been in it for the boys recently and whilst I imagine they are still great friends, the announcement on the Alan Carr show showed visible factions within the group.

So now they have split what will the future hold for each of them.  We give a short prediction for each band member.

Click on each of the pages to see the predictions for each band member Oritsé Williams, Aston Merrygold, Marvin Humes and JB Gill


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