Other Side by Genesis Elijah (Review)

Review of Other Side by Genesis Elijah

Right, how Genesis Elijah is not signed up by a major is beyond on me. He has been strongly representing real UK Hip Hop for years.  He does get massive respect from the underground and has a pretty decent following via all the social networks.  Yet because he refuses to sell out and change to a digital music sound and mellow out his flow, he just doesn’t get main stream credit.

Review of Genesis Elijah new single Other Side

Review of Genesis Elijah new single Other Side

The music is just one string to the Genesis Elijah bow, he is also a first class producer and also makes all his own videos.  The boy quite literally oozes creativity from every pore.

His latest track Other Side is a slight diversion from some of his previous material.  It has his trademark gruff rap delivery and mix of speeds, jumping from slow to an almost dancehall speed of delivery.  Yet throughout his voice and accent remain true.  The music means everything to Genesis Elijah, evidenced by lyrics such as “Hip Hop is my religion”.

Other Side is brilliantly produced by Pastor Dutchie.  I love the eerie backing track and repetitive beats.  The inclusion of a male vocal brings a new flavour to the track and keeps the attention bang on.  Whilst this does have a bit on a easier listening feel to it (as far as Hip Hop can be), Genesis Elijah stays true to the underground roots.

As with all previous releases from Genesis Elijah, this is raw, this is genuine and above all this is hot.  If he continues like this, 2014 will be the year for Genesis Elijah.  The best thing is, that even if it isn’t, you just know Genesis Elijah will carry on.  He doesn’t do this for anybody apart from himself.

Great track from a true leader of UK Underground Hip Hop.


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