No Trace by The Kut (Review)

Review of No Trace by The Kut

Birthing from the sweat and dirt of London’s electrifying basement rock scene,  The Kut are kicking off the New Year with a new release, No Trace, from their long awaited debut album. After winning the public vote on the MTV Brand New Unsigned Poll at the end of last year, these ladies are hoping to take that support and make 2014 the year of The Kut.

Review of No Trace by The Kut

Review of No Trace by The Kut

This track crawls from the speakers in a 90’s Goth rock manner, creeping around the mind and pulling the listener in with the monotonic and completely hypnotic vocals of guitarist Maha. Reminiscent of the likes of Jack off Jill, The Kut is definitely bringing back a sound we’ve been in to before.

Its tracks like this that proves music doesn’t have to be technically complicated and show off-ish to be good – or even great, for that matter. With each new listen more and more potential can be heard, and I myself am intrigued to hear more from this debut album.

No Trace is a definite must listen for anyone who ever bought a Jack off Jill album or sings full belt every time they hear a Cranberries’ song, and even though The Kut are relatively new to the limelight, the curiosity to how they will bring this old sound in to the future is enough to kill any cat.

Whether this band has got what it takes to The Kut it is yet to be seen. After all, it’s a big world upstairs from that basement, though it is painfully obvious that these ladies aren’t the type to go down without a fight.

You can listen to and purchase No Trace here


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