Dance of Life by Amy Weber ft Sean Kingston (Review)

Review of Dance of Life by Amy Weber ft Sean Kingston

So when this track first hit our mail box it got our attention, mainly due to the featuring of Sean Kingston.  The first impression was to take a look at the video to see if it was a genuine collaboration with Amy Weber, or one of those where a female records some vocals and the male gets added later.  To the credit of Dance of Life this is a genuine collaboration with the two of them working together.

Dance of Life by Amy Weber ft Sean Kingston

Dance of Life by Amy Weber ft Sean Kingston

In all honesty, I had never heard of Amy Weber, I know some of you will probably be having a face plant moment right now, but genuinely never heard of her.  So off to Amy Weber‘s Twitter profile.  According to her bio she is an actress, model, former WWE Diva (whatever that is) and Billboard recording artist.  Still doesn’t ring any bells, but anyway on to Dance of Life.

Billed by the PR as a dance track to fill the clubs, this built it up for me to seem like an Ibiza or Ministry floor filler.  Dance of Life is not that.  The piano opening was quite nice and it does remain throughout the intro, but then gets lost.  The track is pure US EDM.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, just a bit too forced and plastic for a UK audience in my opinion.  I can imagine it being played in US clubs and also as EuroPop.

Aside from that, Amy does have a good voice for this type of production, albeit, a very manipulated voice with effects all over.  Sean Kingston does actually sound quite good on his verses, smooth and quick, given his input a sort of sung mainstream rap/reggae sound.

What can be said of Dance of Life is that the chorus does have a massive upbeat feel to it and a good pop hook.  You can imagine getting it stuck in your head if you listened a few times.  For me the track just misses the mark for a mainstream UK audience, but it feels good for what it is.

You can tell a lot of money has been spent on the production though.  The video has high production values, and the track itself has some great production and some nice uses of Kingston‘s distinctive tones. This may be a somewhat biased synopsis of the track, as this really isn’t my thing.  So I encourage you to take a listen yourself and let me know what you think.  Should Amy stick to the singing or go back to being a WWE Diva?

Review by Tommy Franklin

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